Novel Platinum-Based Mitocans for the Treatment of Resistant Cancers: Synthesis, Targeted Delivery and Biological Studies

In this project a new class of platinum-based cancer drugs will be developed that attack cancer cells via two distinct pathways simultaneously, DNA damage and interaction with the mitochondria.

The platinum drugs will be encapsulated into a nanocarrier which will be designed to target breast cancer. To further advance this work, we will synthesize a series of derivatives of C-Pt, study their structure-activity relationships and optimize the anticancer properties.

We will develop a new targeted nanocarrier to enhance the selectivity of the drug. We will investigate different targeting entities and evaluate the biological activity of the prodrug-nanocarrier systems.

Estado: Iniciado

Fecha Inicio: 01/12/2023

Fecha Fin: 03/11/2027


Frontiers for the Future 2023

Entidad que convoca: Science Foundation Ireland

Importe total: 377.949 €

Investigador principal:

Antonio Abel Lozano Pérez

Equipo principal:



Andrea Erlexeben (University of Galway)

Juan Antonio Marchal Corrales (Universidad de Granada)