Defender el arte de la seda y el patrimonio cultural. ARACNE. HORIZON CL2-22


ARACNE project focuses on the cultural heritage of the European silk production and its preservation, protection and valorisation; it aims at revigorating traditional skills through the adaptive reuse of the common cultural and artistic legacy and at shaping a silk-linked European cultural identity.

Literally and metaphorically a thread that has woven the European culture, silk greatly contributed to the development of the European economy and arts.

The production and the past and present development of the silk sector can be again the common basis for a future European Silk Route intended as a cultural itinerary across Europe.

To create a wide and well-connected network that, starting from the historical path followed by Marco Polo in his travels to East, even includes the routes of production and commercialization of silk in Europe in the following centuries

Estado: Iniciado

Fecha Inicio: 01/01/2023

Fecha Fin: 01/01/2025

Financiación: Horizon-CL2-2022-Heritage-01

Entidad que convoca: Horizon Europe Framework Programme. European Commission

Importe total: 2.999.635,50 €

Importe IMIDA: 374.476,00 €

Investigador principal:

Ana Pagán Bernabeu

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