Melo-Survey: detection and distribution of Meloidogyne chitwoodi and M. faltax within Europe


This project has been designed to assess the occurrence and distribution of M. chitwoodi and M. fallax  within the EPPO region by surveillance, to share knowledge on sampling strategies and diagnostic methods, to harmonize protocols for performing surveillance focusing on roots and tubers from host plants of M. chitwoodi and M. fallax and to contribute to the development of a risk-based and statistically sound survey strategy.

During the project, questionnaires will be distributed to collect data available in EPPO countries on surveys conducted, sampling strategy and diagnostic methods used; an online meeting with nematologists and inspection coordinators will be organized to discuss proposals to achieve a contribution to a harmonized surveillance protocol.

After the online meeting a workshop for the research participants will be organized to evaluate these proposals and depending on the knowledge gap(s) revealed by the questionnaire a training on  sampling for inspectors and/or a PT/TPS to compare extraction and identification techniques might be organized.

Estado: Iniciado

Fecha Inicio: 01/07/2023

Fecha Fin: 30/06/2025

Financiación: Fondos propios

Entidad que convoca: Euphresco

Investigador principal:

Caridad Ros Ibañez

Equipo principal:

Fitonematología y ecogenética


Celia Martínez Mora, Caridad Ros Ibañez

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